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Galit Bar-On Wolfman Law Office




Galit Bar-On Wolfman Law Office, a unique law firm that provides legal services and professional support to foreign residents who own properties in Israel.

Our unique office that specializes in providing personal and customized professional service to foreign residents who own property (money or real estate) in Israel. The handling of these cases is complex and often requires professional knowledge and understanding regarding Israeli and foreign law applicable to foreign residents.

The types of services we offer:

Inheritance and wills service:

According to the Israeli Inheritance Law, the Israeli court is authorized to hear the inheritance of a foreign resident who left behind assets in Israel.

According to the Inheritance Law - the law of the testator's place of residence at the time of his death or Israeli law will apply.

Our office specializes in preparing wills for Jews or citizens of Israel who live abroad and own property, real estate, or money in Israel.

We meet with the client through distance zoom sessions as needed, clarify his/her wishes and needs, and arrange for him/her a draft of a will that reflects his/her true wishes and needs.

When the day arises when the need arises to execute the will, our office accompanies the heirs in applying for a will execution order that is submitted to the court in Israel.

The handling of these cases of inheritances of an Israeli citizen or Jew who died abroad and left behind assets in Israel is complex and requires understanding and knowledge of foreign law as well as Israeli law.

Conducting an ongoing power of attorney for Israeli citizens or Jews holding property in Israel

A power of attorney is an essential legal tool for residents living abroad and holding properties in Israel. The purpose of the power of attorney is basically to complete the will.

The power of attorney takes effect in a situation where a person loses the ability to make decisions or express his/her will and manage his/her property or assets due to an ongoing illness, accident, or a sudden medical event.

To enable a person living abroad to make decisions and manage his/her assets in Israel through his/her family members or people close to him/her, in a situation where he/she loses his/her ability to make decisions, there is a legal measure known as a continuing power of attorney.

As part of the continuing power of attorney, you can appoint a power of attorney or a few power of attorneys in Israel who will be able to act on your behalf and make decisions for you regarding the management of your assets or money in Israel, based on detailed preliminary instructions.

It is important to note that even if there is some cognitive decline in your condition and you suffer from certain medical limitations it still does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to make a continuing power of attorney if you are qualified to make decisions.

The power of attorney must act by your wishes as expressed in the guidelines that will be included in the framework of the continuing power of attorney. 

If you have a power of attorney in case you to lose the ability to make decisions, the power of attorney can manage the assets in Israel for you and represent you in everything related to bank accounts, pension funds, provident funds, real estate, and any other property in your name.

The attorneys at the law firm Galit Bar-On Wolfman have a special certification from the Bar Association to prepare a power of attorney. The firm accompanies its clients personally, sensitively, and professionally in the process of preparing the power of attorney and depositing it in Israel.

Our office provides a unique service for editing and depositing an expressive document.

 An expression of will document is a legal tool that allows any parent or guardian of a minor to determine in the framework of the document who will be appointed as guardian in his place if he is not able to function as a guardian for medical or other reasons, as well as to establish guidelines and instructions according to which the substitute guardian will be supposed to act. For example, we can determine where the child will live' in what education will be educated? What medical or mental treatments will he receive etc...

Legal assistance and advice to foreign residents regarding real estate transactions with contractors (contracts for the purchase of an apartment or renovation and expansion of an apartment within the framework of the building renovation (TMA 38)   construction plan, evacuation and construction project:

The apartment is usually the most significant and valuable asset that any family has.

Many non-residents own an apartment in Israel, which is undergoing building renovation (TMA 38) procedure, an evacuation and construction project, or purchasing an apartment from a contractor.

Our office provides residents who live abroad and own an apartment in Israel with professional service and personal accompaniment in this field. The service includes:


  1. Review and thorough transition of the contract of sale, including its appendices, examination of the legality of the provisions of the contract, and their adaptation to the customer's needs.

  2. Providing the customer with an explanation of the meaning of the documents he/she signs as part of the transaction.

  3. Negotiate optimally with the contractor or the opposing party, while adhering to the best transaction terms for the customer, as a buyer or seller, as far as possible, within the customer's considerations and needs, while making appropriate balances to bring the parties to a successful transaction.

  4. Signing on behalf of the customer the documents required to complete the transaction.

  5. Preparation of apartment rental contracts for a foreign resident.


In addition, our offices provide legal service and assistance regarding people living abroad and owning apartments in Israel that have undergone a fastructural/building renovation (TMA 38)  procedure, or an evacuation and construction project and did not receive the apartment from the contractor per the dates specified in the contract or received the apartment with construction defects.

The delay in delivering the apartment can be caused by many reasons such as financial difficulties encountered by the contractor, or incorrect planning of the project schedule.

In this context, it is important to be well acquainted with the provisions of the Sale Law (section 5), which establishes an agreed compensation mechanism for tenants for late delivery of an apartment, a mechanism that the contractor/developer cannot stipulate to the loss of the buyer.

In these cases, it is especially important to accompany and consult with an expert and experienced lawyer in the field who knows how to negotiate wisely with the contractor to establish the apartment buyer's rights to compensation and if necessary, even file a claim to realize the apartment buyer's rights. This is what we specialize in.

Our office specializes in professional and personal accompaniment of non-resident clients in professional and smart negotiations with the contractor until the full rights of tenants vis-à-vis the contractor.


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